Winter Roof Installation for Western Washington Homes

October 31, 2018

winter roof installation from Four Seasons Roof & Remodel

All of that rain, and colder temperatures, too. Somewhere even snow. Is winter roof installation a good idea for your Puget Sound area home? Yes,…but only with the right roof.

Often, we think that only time you can replace a roof is in the spring or summer. Not true.

Many, many needs for roof replacement arise in the winter months due to:

  • colder temperatures and brittle roofing materials that protect your home
  • increased exposure to rain, ice, and snow
  • leaks from rain and even snow melt
  • increased ventilation needs
  • attic problems, such as poor insulation
  • heavy precipitation or a winter storm
  • damage from falling tree limbs or other ice events
  • and more.

The list goes on.

What Else Goes On? Metal Roofing.

Our experienced teams estimate and install metal roofing year-round…no matter the weather. Our materials are not affected by water or brittle cold, and our metal roofing systems ensure that your home is protected. It’s even possible that our metal roofing products can be installed over your existing asphalt roof, limiting the exposure to damage for your home.

Let us help you find the best roofing solution, rain, shine, or snow, all year round. We’re here to help.