Metal Roofing and Other Ideas to Make Your Home Resilient

July 18, 2018

Metal Roofing Resilient Home Four Seasons Roof & Remodel

Crafting a resilient home resonates with our work here with metal roofing for western Washington, and the comprehensive restoration and preservation work we do through Four Seasons Roof and Remodel.

Why is a Resilient Home Important?

When you return to your home from the work and an often frantic pace of activity, you want it to be a place of rest, relaxation, and a haven of safety. Home can be a place where you can forget about worries and hurriedness and just enjoy living. A place to recharge, restore, and refresh.

The lives we lead tend to place extra meaning on our homes as those calm and comfortable places to just “get away from it all.” Fact is, though, there are things out there that threaten our homes which are mostly weather-related. Wind, sun, ice, snow, fire, heat, rain; all of these are things that can turn our homes from those places of rest into places of disruption and problems.

Weathering the Storms by Making Your Home Resilient

Similar to how we desire lives of resiliency, lives that can weather storms and re-group well after storms, there are things we can do to make our homes more resilient. This month, we invite you to take a look at some of the things we can do to prepare our homes for uncertain times.

Starting with an Envelope of Protection, our list, explanations, and resources of things that help make your home more resilient addresses a wide range of ideas and challenges. No matter where you live, at least one of these disrupters could sadly come to your home and life:

  • Temperature Extremes
  • Rain and Floods
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Food and Water
  • Loss of Power

You can read more about these disruptors and how to plan for resiliency when they come to your home.

Personal Resilience

Personal resilience, the ability to overcome and even thrive despite life’s circumstances, is a trait to be admired. With a little extra effort and following the ideas we’ve outlined in the Isaiah Industries Journal article within this post.

Metal Roofing as an Envelope of Protection

We can be of help adding resilience to your life. We’re happy to discuss any concerns with you and, of course, we always love to talk about metal roofing. Take a step toward resiliency for your home.