Avoid Disappointment: How to Choose a New Roof

April 27, 2020

How-To-Choose-A-Roof-FourSeasonsRoofing of WA

With an interrupted home improvement season this year, we’re fortunate here in western Washington to have a climate that affords year-round exterior work on our home. Buying and having a new roof installed can happen here in any season. 

If not when then how to choose a new roof? That’s a great question. 

The answer: invest time now to think about what you want and need in your next roof; it’s a major purchase.

How to choose a new roof? Decide what you want and need.

We’ll call your list of what you want and need in a new roof your Purchasing Criteria. These criteria should identify exactly what you want to accomplish with your project. By doing your research now and clearly defining the benefits or features you’d like in your roof, you can avoid later disappointment.

If you are planning for a replacement roof this year, our main advice is this: establish your Purchasing Criteria now. 

Think of buying a roof as being similar to buying a new car – you always research carefully in advance to determine what you want to accomplish with your new vehicle, right?  A new roof should be a very similar process.

So, as you envision your home’s new protective roof and what you’d like it to accomplish, here is a list of things that homeowners often make decisions on:

Aesthetics. Is what your roof looks like important to you?  If so, would you like something very traditional looking such as a shingle look or perhaps something bolder with a shake or a very contemporary look such as standing seam?

Long-Life Durability. If you intend to live in your home for 10+ years, then durability may mean a great deal to your decision. Otherwise, it may mean less.

Fire Safety. If firestorms are a threat to your home, a non-combustible roof may be part of your criteria.

Water and Wind Resistance.Both bring their challenges to the greater Seattle area; a metal roof with interlocking panels will provide the protection you appreciate.

Energy Efficiency. Homeowners who are sensitive to the operating costs of their home will often seek metal roofs with reflective coatings and even integral thermal breaks to reduce their summer energy costs by up to 20% or more and make the most of their energy spend in any season with effective ventilation.

Green Benefits.  Some homeowners love the idea of a roof that is manufactured with recycled content.  Will that be one of your criteria?

The above is just a sample list. Your Purchasing Criteria could also include things like a particular color or grade of coating, special flashing details required by your home, no exposed fasteners, or, of course, proper installation.

The point is, to avoid a decision you will later regret, decide now what you’d like to accomplish with your new roof.

We hope that you have the opportunity to be better prepared when you do decide to re-roof your home.

Help with how to choose a new roof

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