Before You Sign a Contract: Four Tips on Buying a New Roof

May 1, 2018

When buying a new roof, the things to consider are numerous. Here are four (our favorite number!) important things to consider before you sign a contract. 

1. Applicability for Your Home

For homes that have unique design elements, one of your criteria may be making sure that the roofing product you choose is truly applicable to your home’s design. Things like rounded or arched roofs, lower pitches, valleys, dead valleys, and various transition areas can limit which products can be successfully installed on a home. If your roof has some challenging areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to the roofing manufacturer to make sure that they agree that their material will perform and be warranted on your home.

2. Solar Readiness
If you feel that you may wish to add solar collection to your home at some point in the future, that should be considered when your home is re-roofed. Special roofing materials or application procedures in the areas where solar panels may later be installed can facilitate a successful solar installation down the road.

3. Ventilation
Unfortunately, many existing homes do not have adequate attic ventilation to meet building codes. Those codes have been developed to keep homes healthy, energy efficient and functioning properly — especially in terms of avoiding ice dams in northern climates. Additionally, as we install things such as house wrap, insulation, and new doors and windows to make our homes more airtight, that forces more moisture that is created inside the structure to migrate into the attic. If that moisture is not properly vented outward, insulation effectiveness is diminished due to high moisture levels and an environment is created which can support mold and mildew. Re-roofing your home is the ideal time to make ventilation one of the criteria you discuss with your contractor.

4. Contractor Selection
Finally, any roofing material is only as good as its installation. For that reason, a quality contractor with a proven track record, as well as some assurance they will still be around in the future, should be high on the list of roof purchase criteria for all homeowners. Make sure that they have the proper training to install your roof. Talk to past customers and read their workmanship warranty thoroughly.

We invite you to learn more about our workmanship and product warranties. You will find that we offer the best of both for Seattle and western Washington homeowners. Four Seasons offers a unique breadth of services to ensure that your home gets all of the attention it needs…and deserves.

Buying a New Roof?

Buying a new roof is not a simple process. We’re here to help you find the best roofing solution for your home, commercial property, or public gathering place. With online resources such access to roofing expert Todd Miller (President of Classic Metal Roofing Systems) through and our website, we’re available 24/7. And, if you just want to talk to someone, we’re here, real and local.