6 Quality Components for a Metal Roof in the Pacific Northwest

July 27, 2018

A Quality Metal Roof Metal Roofing for Seattle by Four Seasons

Are you shopping for a metal roof,? Knowing where to start your research can be daunting. Here’s a list of six things to look for in any potential metal roofing product. Not all metal roofs offer these features, but we think you will agree that all six are very important, especially here in the northwest. 

1. Quality and tested finishes

Available in many colors and even multi-hued shades, these coatings offer the best combination of durability and fade resistance. Additionally, many people choose metal roofs to avoid the streaking and staining that attacks granulated-surface shingles. PDF, resin-based finishes offer the best resistance to streaking and staining. All of our metal roofing products have the very most excellent finishes in the industry

2. Self-Cleaning

Although you may not often think about it, a lot of debris ends up on your roof. As things like tree leaves, pine needles, seed pods, water, ice, and snow travel down your roof, they end up in any valleys your roof may have. Many metal roofs have “closed” valley systems with hidden waterways to channel water off of the roof. These hidden waterways, however, will clog up with debris and then the water path is blocked causing leaks. “Self-Cleaning” valleys carry the water and debris on top of the roof and can’t clog. Here, with many tree canopies and changing weather patterns, keeping your roof free of debris is always a challenge. 

3. Premium Certified Products

The Metal Construction Association has developed a Quality Certification Program which recognizes products and manufacturers that meet high levels of standards regarding raw materials and processes. We strongly encourage products that are part of this program. Our metal shingles, metal shakes, and slate style product offerings from Classic Metal Roofing Systems are certified under this designation. 

4. Special Flashings

Many roofs have areas which require special care. With metal roofing, you can’t just depend upon sealants in those areas as is often done with temporary roofing materials. If your roof has dead valleys, skylights, chimneys, flared gables, or other unusual things, make sure that you understand exactly how these will be handled by your contractor. 

5. Great Warranties

Make sure you know exactly what warranties you will be receiving, and who they are from. You should receive warranties and guarantees covering the installation quality, the product, and also the integrity of the raw materials that go into the product. You can review our outstanding product and workmanship warranties here. 

6. Proper Ventilation

We find that most homes can benefit from increased attic ventilation. Proper ventilation will keep your home cooler in the summer, and also help avoid ice dams while making sure your insulation is dry and performing well in the winter. Re-roofing is the perfect time to address your home’s ventilation. As a professional roofing contractor with decades of experience in roofing, remodeling, and ventilation, we can work for healthy air flow for your home that saves on energy costs,  promotes indoor air quality, and prevents mold and other destruction.

Finding the Right Metal Roof

We can help you find the right metal roof for your western Washington urban, suburban or rural home. We have the area’s finest when it comes to people who know and understand metal roofing and the preservation, protection, and resiliency of your home